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New Year's day party 2017

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Dearleadersandstaffofyongkaidacompany,goodmorning! Firstofall,onbehalfofthechairmanandtheboardofdirectorsofthecompany,pleaseallowmetopayaveryearlytributetoyou. ThebelloftheNewYearisabouttoring,andtoda




Dear leaders and staff of yongkaida company, good morning!
First of all, on behalf of the chairman and the board of directors of the company, please allow me to pay a very early tribute to you.
The bell of the New Year is about to ring, and today we, the family of yongkaida, are gathered here again to deliver the arduous struggle of 2016 and usher in a promising 2017. On the occasion of the year comes, I am authorized by RongZhaoMing chairman, on behalf of the board of directors of the company in the past years, to pay hard work for the company development of my heartfelt thanks to all the employees, and wish you and your family, in the New Year health! Everything goes well! Family happiness!
Looking back on 2016, we all pay attention to the living environment of haze, PM2.5 and traffic congestion, but how many people will pay attention to the living environment of our yongkaida enterprise? As the two years of rapid development of network economy, virtual economy, the traditional manufacturing industry has brought the unprecedented impact, our forever kaida is a private manufacturing businesses, inevitably involved. It used to be said that the market environment is deteriorating and the competition is fierce. Everyone feels that it is far away from us. In 2016, we experienced the worst technological competition and price competition, accompanied by increasing labor costs and production materials costs. This is the environment in which we live, and it will always be around us.
However, even in this harsh environment, we don't have to lose heart and confidence, because it's not our style to retreat and give up. Through the efforts of the company's management and all employees for one year, we also achieved gratifying results in 2016:
In 2016, our sales revenue reached 138.9 million yuan, an increase of 23.16 percent compared with 2015. This is a step up from last year's upturn. This is the result of the joint efforts of all our staff.
In 2016, the company in sales revenue growth at the same time, other each work has made great progress, at the beginning of business plan and the annual plan was basically completed, all departments including complete all 30 technical progress, quality, management plan, the company overall strength continue to increase steadily, and the specific performance in:
1. Passed the acceptance and review of the safety, environment, technical capacity and quality system of the superior leader, the third party and the second party; The company's new logistics system is also under construction in the second workshop.
2. The company has made great progress in technology progress, technology research and development and technology research and development. Two robot feeding and unloading systems have also been modified. 2016 11 patents authorization, we have made another four patents in manipulation, so far we forever kaida company made including eight invention patents, 22 of the patent for utility model, a total of 30 patents, which each patent condensation is our forever kaida technology personnel to the crystallization of wisdom.
3. Work to improve the quality of staff training and staff also achieved fruitful results, have produced a number of studious, drilling technology, work hard, honest, good staff and good collective, they work in their respective positions to kaida 'advice on the development of the company, have made great contribution. In 2016, the company received 51 rationalization proposals and adopted 43, of which 12 have been implemented and completed, which reflects the enthusiasm of our employees to participate in various technical improvements of the company.
In 2016, huang xin and comrade of our company were named as chief technicians of enterprises in jiangsu province, and as the most beautiful craftsmen in the city and town respectively. His class group was named as advanced class group in the city. In addition, xu qiwei, an employee of our company, was awarded as a municipal technical expert. Tang wei was awarded the most beautiful craftsman in the town. Other employees, such as lu bing, fan xiao, hua fengming, fei jun, Chen rongchang, hu haicheng, yu xiaobin, etc., have been ranked well in various skills competitions of the district, town and company.
Here, is particularly worth celebrating, two qiu-hai xu, flowers are bright, through its own unremitting efforts, has obtained the qualification of senior engineer, this is my company since its establishment independently trains the first batch of senior technical personnel. Today, the company will pay tribute to the advanced individuals and advanced collective that have achieved good results in 2016. The number of people who will be honored will reach 161, and the total amount of bonus will exceed 300,000 yuan. Here we extend our warm congratulations to the commended group and staff! At the same time, I also hope that more employees can develop the spirit of craftsmanship under their leadership and make greater contributions to the development of the company and themselves.
Looking ahead to 2017, more difficult and more harsh environment in waiting for us, but we firmly believe that with the phase ii production line smooth production and EA888 gear EA211 tension wheel, compressor gear, wood VM2.5 gear on new projects, such as production and saic chase a number of new project development, we will achieve best performance and create history.
To meet these difficulties and challenges, and can survive in the increasingly tough market environment and development, companies continue to put forward the efficiency and cost of last year, the two words will be branded in our each person's mind and fulfil our each employee and each concrete work.
Fellow employees, 2017 is a chicken, comes at a time when we are forever kaida company the 30th anniversary of the establishment, as the saying goes, "golden crow", this marks the prelude to our forever kaida company through a 60 years of ups and downs, from now on and have a new starting point, the future development will be more and more light.
The board calls on all staff to strengthen confidence, understand each other, work together, work together, and climb from one peak to another. We firmly believe that "heaven will pay hard", facing difficulties, facing competition - brave win!
As the year of the rooster approaches, let us encourage and bless each other, and I propose that we all shout "happy New Year" and do it again...
Finally, I wish all of you a happy morning. Thank you.
Deputy general manager gu xiqiang
The 2016-12-30

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