Gear Production Equipments


Gear Production Equipments

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Hobbing Machine
 Kashifuji Hobbing Machine with automatic up-down functions
Hobbing Machine
Reishauer RZ 400 Grinding Machine 
Reishauer RZ260
Automatic up-down worm grinding machines
HOEFLER Grinding Machine
HOEFLER Grinding Machine
STUDER CNC internal and external grinding machine S41
PEMAMO high precision honing machine
FUJI CNC Lathing Machine
HEC Compact Machining Center
Marking Machine
Marking Machine
Production Equipments
Korea UT Production Center
Japan KIWA Production Center
1.2M internal and end surface grinder
1M plane grinding Machine
1~10Kg dynamic balancing machine
10~100Kg dynamic balancing machine
22000KG Dynamic Balancing Machine
Heater (heater for shaft)
3 sets of Japanese controlled atmosphere furnace of  Fengdong


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