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Huang xin and Lao mo studio unveil

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Since the company moved to the new factory area at the end of 2005, some achievements have been made in the construction of the talent team, especially the skilled talent team. The main performance is as follows: first, the technical level of employees has been greatly improved, especially the emergence of highly skilled talents. 2. The employees have achieved good results in the competition, won three times in the municipal competition, and won five times in the first place in the regional competition; Third, the heavyweight staff honor increases ceaselessly, the province, the city level honor achieves 13. All these show that our company has a very smooth and successful training channel for skilled talents. So how to make the best use of these excellent talents as a model to promote the skills progress of other employees with their "front-line and down-to-earth" characteristics? How to organize them, so that they get together, wring them into a joint force for the company to solve problems, has become the focus of company leaders.
In may this year, the company received the notice from huishan district federation of trade unions on the establishment of the innovation studio of model labor, requiring our company to establish the innovation studio named after model labor. After receiving notification, the board of directors, union very seriously, that must be a model innovation studio this platform, labor model hairdresser and as the core, the company skilled talented people are gathered together, let them play to intelligence, production and operation for the company construction play a stronger more energy. During the establishment, I received strong support from the senior management of the company and the workshops of various departments. At present, the layout and organizational structure of the innovation studio have been completed and the working conditions have been met.
The company created this model labor innovation studio, is around the company to carry out scientific and technological innovation activities and the name of the model labor team. According to the implementation of "talent training project" goal, the company plans to create within three years to cover the company various functions such as technology, management, service and skills of "model worker innovation studio", strive to cultivate a group of knowledgeable, skilled, skilled, intjs and creative talents.
Company chairman and general manager Mr RongZhaoMing had high hopes for a model studio, he hopes the hairdresser and labor model studio is a perfect advanced group, on behalf of al-qaeda's most advanced workers, hope all the members of the studio can learn each other, mutual help, set an example, the whole body upright, learning staff as the models.
Play the cutting edge exemplary role, help colleagues, help new employees, learning skills, problem solving, and some teach people skills, work skills knowledge of the business, make the staff of our company progress, all become good, just like you can on behalf of the company's image.
Develop the advantage of the labor model studio team, give full play to the company's technical breakthrough, technical improvement, energy saving and consumption reduction, and give full play to its intelligence. This work can be carried out through channels such as technical reform project approval, rationalization and recommendation procedures. More importantly, we should give full play to our indomitable spirit of striving. In the face of difficulties, we should rise to the challenge and build our team into a team with cohesive force and fighting power, capable of solving the company's problems.

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