2016 fire fighting competition

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2016 fire fighting competition

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In order to further strengthen the staff's fire safety awareness, improve the staff's fire emergency management ability and grasp the emergency response ability to fire. The company held a fire fighting skill contest on the afternoon of December 2. There are 15 teams participating in this competition, which are: eleven teams from one workshop; Two representative teams of workshop ii, one representative team of office, one representative team of quality assurance department and one representative team of power equipment department. The competition adopts a relay of three members for each team, and the 20-meter 4Kg dry powder fire extinguisher oil basin is put out, and the team with the least time will win.
Fire skills, the official start of the game, the players are all enthusiastic, calm in the game, unity, cooperation, skilled use of fire equipment seriously complete each fire fighting skills.
After a tight race for each team member, finally two workshop class YuXiaoBin, gold, fan team won the men's first name, a workshop group 2 jian-mei liu, zhou and Shen Haiqin team won prizes for the first place. Through this fire fighting skill competition, the participants improved fire fighting skills, enhanced fire safety awareness, and actively created the company's fire safety atmosphere.
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