The 30th anniversary of wuxi yongkaida gear co., LTD. (1987~2017)

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The 30th anniversary of wuxi yongkaida gear co., LTD. (1987~2017)

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Ladiesandgentlemen,  Goodmorning,everyone!Todaywearejoyfullygatheredheretocelebrate"wuxikaidaforevergearco.,LTD."30yearsoldbirthday,Sharedmemoriesforeverkaidacompanygrowthprocess,lookingkaidamoredynam
Ladies and gentlemen,
Good morning, everyone! Today we are joyfully gathered here to celebrate "wuxi kaida forever gear co., LTD." 30 years old birthday, Shared memories forever kaida company growth process, looking kaida more dynamic, more brilliant tomorrow.
Thirty years ago, in June 1987, wuxi municipal planning commission approved the establishment of wuxi machinery technology equipment factory, a school-run enterprise affiliated to wuxi second industrial school. In 1989, the company was renamed wuxi second gear factory, and on January 10, 2001, the company was transformed into wuxi yongkaida gear co., LTD. Factory in 30 years has experienced all kinds of risk and hardships, from the annual sales of 200000 yuan of processing enterprises into advanced equipment, advanced management, has a high level of staff, can produce high, refined products, the market prestige good, annual sales of 190 million yuan of professional gear and tensioner manufacturers.
Maybe, why do companies get their money from their book is zero, the market is zero, with only a dozen sets of old equipment, even the support staff of 48 problematic mill factory, has a reputation of enterprises in wuxi city, develop into?
I. rely on the belief of being positive and enterprising, and work hard and never say fail.
When the factory opened in 1987, the superior did not give any money, the situation was that the capital was zero and the market was zero. The first question is how to pay. Even the leaders of the second industrial school at that time were ready to pay two months 'wages to the school's factory. At that time, it was claimed that there were 48 people, only 10 of whom could operate machine tools. One third of them were old, uneducated and unskilled. In the face of difficulties, we did not shrink back, but actively sought out the market to solve the problem of food. Due to lack of money, many workers have to attend the factory relocation during the day and at night. Thanks to the support of the school and the efforts of all the staff, the factory not only paid its own wages, but also paid its own hands. It spent only 2,400 yuan to complete the relocation of more than 200 tons of the factory.
We caught in 1993 with Shanghai Volkswagen engine intermediate gear, because of limited conditions at the time, the whole process of manufacture of all the difficulties, a gear blank weight is 0.3 kg, the cost of 2 tons of materials when finally made the first qualified products.
In 1994, with a debt and owner's equity of only 1.64 million yuan, we raised 4.5 million yuan by raising funds and borrowing to invest in the production workshop of mass gear. If the investment fails, not only will the second gear plant go bankrupt, but there will be a lot of trouble. In May 1995, the company realized mass production supply with Shanghai Volkswagen. The factory is on the track of normal development.
Ii. Solidarity based on mutual understanding and mutual assistance:
30 years ago, in the early days of the establishment of the factory, the second-generation people at that time knew that the survival of the company depended on the solidarity of all employees. Then put forward the "care about each other, mutual understanding, mutual support, to create a harmonious working environment" of the work target, and to overcome by unite the beginning of all kinds of difficulties, makes the plant survival. In 30 years the company to understand each other and support each other, make many difficult work smoothly, to resolve various contradictions in enterprise management, loose, harmonious relationships, make the company limited ability to use on the production and business operation activities as much as possible. This year and 2017 will be a historic year, with annual sales reaching 190 million yuan.
Third, rely on hard work, self-improvement, enterprising spirit
Forever kaida company staff's cultural level is not high, only undergraduate of highest record of formal schooling, but everlasting kay's unyielding spirit, diligent study, fools, objective, serious about all kinds of difficulties in business activities, by the power of the team, solves the problem one by one in the production and business operation activities, and improve their skills in problem solving, exercise has created the company's own can combat management team and technical personnel team.
In 1998, the company passed the ISO 9002 quality system certification; Passed VDA6.1 QS9000 quality system certification of German and American automobile federation in 2001; In 2004, it passed the ISO/TS 16949 international automobile federation certification. Passed ISO14001 environmental system certification in 2007.
In terms of technological progress:
Company always adhere to the technology and equipment of updates, acquire a large number of world-class advanced equipment, the company's hardware facilities, the advanced position in the industry, because the EA888 gear production line, the company was named hui mountain intelligent factory.
We rely on mind, encouraging policy, administrative interference methods, such as encourage, arrange young workers to participate in cultural foundation, professional knowledge training, the company produced a batch of respected experts: permanent kaida cultivate his senior engineer, make the best craftsmen in wuxi city. At present, the company has 2 senior engineers, 1 senior technicians, 7 technicians. Our staff received 13 provincial and municipal technical honors. Our technicians have won 3 times in the municipal skill contest and 5 times in the regional skill contest. The company has 31 patents; 2 national new products; One national torch plan product; 9 high-tech products of jiangsu province. Enterprises in wuxi city, won the title of aaa grade credit enterprise, aaa in wuxi city contract and keep credibility enterprise title, a high-tech enterprises in jiangsu province, "yong kai da" brand automobile gear, tensioner named recognized brand-name products in wuxi city.
On the market development: after 30 years of market development, adjustment, advanced technology, we created the advanced management, leading quality, high credibility with strong market competitiveness of customers:
Saic Volkswagen, faw Volkswagen and chery automobile company, Shanghai diesel engine company, saic roewe car company, Sweden, the United States ingersoll-rand, ATLAS COPCO compressor company sullair (Asia) machinery company in the United States.
Our foreign customers are: the United States, the company, and the word power, quincy compressor company, Germany merlot auto parts company, phoebe auto parts company, France JCD auto parts company, SKF auto parts company.
The high-quality and highly competitive customer base has provided the company with a stable development guarantee.
In line with the trend of national policies and market rules, we have also taken an active part in the r&d and competition of new energy automobile transmission parts, opening up new market areas for the company's new development.
In 2018, the company will build its own heat treatment workshop, expand the production area of 10,000 square meters, and create conditions for the new development of the company.
All staff of the comrades: kay danone go today, become a technology advanced, detection means complete, enterprise market stability, internal peace and harmony of a modern enterprise, is to rely on you to study hard and hard work, here I on behalf of the board of directors to express our heartfelt thanks to you for you.
Thirty strong to sharpen a sword, to cut through the thorn forever forward!
Let's sum up yesterday, cheer up, continue to carry forward and al-qaeda "care about each other, mutual understanding, mutual support" fine traditions of solidarity, study hard, work hard and never say die, we can overcome the generals difficulties on our road of advance, realize the everlasting kay's got talent, kaida company brilliant tomorrow.
Wish all employees of yongkaida good health, progress in study, smooth work and happy family.
May the company prosper!
November 17, 2017

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