New Year's greetings for 2018

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New Year's greetings for 2018

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Dearleadersandmembersofthecompany Goodmorning,staff! Firstofall,onbehalfofthechairmanandtheboardofdirectorsofthecompany,pleaseallowmetopayaveryearlytributetoyou. ThepaceoftheNewYearisapproaching.Today
Dear leaders and members of the company
Good morning, staff!
First of all, on behalf of the chairman and the board of directors of the company, please allow me to pay a very early tribute to you.
The pace of the New Year is approaching. Today, our family of yongkaida is happy to get together again to deliver the arduous struggle of 2017 and usher in a promising 2018.
On the occasion of the year comes, I am authorized by RongZhaoMing chairman, on behalf of the company's board of directors to in the past years, development for the company pay the hard work of all employees to express our heartfelt thanks! And wish you and your family good health in the New Year! Everything goes well! Family happiness!
Soon the past 2017 years, has special meaning for our everlasting kay's got talent is a year, because this year is our permanent kaida to establish the 30th anniversary, celebrating the drums is still ringing in our ears when there is good news, through our unremitting efforts to create a permanent kaida new history: our sales revenue reached $200 million, increased by 44% than last year.
In 2017, while the sales revenue increased, the company also made great progress in other work.
1) passed the revision review of the quality management system and the environmental management system;
2) the company has made great progress in technology progress, technology research and development and technology research and development. In 2017, we obtained 5 more patents.
3) EA888 gear production line has been awarded the title of intelligent workshop in huishan district since 2016.
4) staff skills, improve the work has achieved fruitful results, have produced a number of studious, drilling technology, work hard, honest, good staff and good collective, they work in their respective positions for permanent kaida company development contribute, have made great contribution.
In 2017, we established huang xin and Lao mo studio. 25 people have won various awards in cities, districts and towns. In the company, there are 73 individual awards and 6 collective awards.
Today, the company will recognize advanced individuals and advanced collectives who have achieved good results in 2017, with a total bonus of 300,000 yuan. Here we extend our warm congratulations to the commended group and staff! It's not just their personal honor, it's the honor of all of us at yongkaida.
Results have been obtained at the same time, we should also be aware that more difficult and more challenges waiting for us: the company's existing production capacity of each production line (such as: EA888 gear production line of 1.4 million sets of 2018, without oil machine, centrifuge big gear to expand production, the new project technology research and development, the technical problems to solve and the formation of batch production ability.
Dear colleagues, we forever kaida company continue to adhere to the beginning of the target, go high, refined, sharp products policy, but we are also looking to the future development trend, around it that is in a stable good traditional automobile engine parts at the same time actively participate in and intervention of new energy vehicles, let us the good news is in the development of five projects, new energy vehicles have a breakthrough on existing technologies, next week will enter the substantive negotiations.
Dear colleagues, 2018 is coming, achievements can only represent the past, now let's take the 30th anniversary of scores as our new starting point, risk still exists in the wind and rain, do not forget to beginner's mind, keep in mind that the mission, set off on a new journey. During this period, the board called on all the staff to work hard, understand each other and work together to build a golden road for yongkaida.
On the occasion of the New Year, let us encourage and wish each other well.
Finally, I wish all of you a happy morning. Thank you.
Deputy general manager gu xiqiang
The 2017-12-28

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